1. About us

About us

Advanced UV for Life e. V. bundles the expertise from industry and research along the entire value-added chain - from basic concepts to UV semiconductor devices and their application.

Cooperation exchange

Through collaboration and information exchange, we accelerate the development of semiconductor-based UV devices such as:

  • UV LEDs
  • UV sensors
  • UV photodiodes
  • UV laser diodes
  • UV sources and module

and their application in the fields of:

  • disinfection of water, air and surfaces
  • medical technologies and diagnostics
  • environmental technologies and life sciences
  • photochemistry and manufacturing techniques
  • analytics and sensor technology.

Communication platform

Close coordination between the developer and the end user is an important prerequisite for the rapid implementation of innovative ideas in the different fields of application. Our association facilitates this close coordination by providing a forum to initiate technological developments and research projects and to discuss technological and scientific issues through a variety of online and face-to-face events on a national and international level throughout the year.

Association of interests

To ensure that environmentally friendly and economical UV technologies become more widely accepted and understood, the association aims to provide the general public, political decision makers and media outlets with comprehensive information on new technologies, products and services.

It also participates in expert panels and committees to help initiate legislation, standards and other regulations. This is crucial for the market access of UV devices and UV technologies. The association also represents the common interests of its members on the science-policy level.