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ICULTA 2023 - First invited speakers confirmed

BERLIN | 08.12.2022

From UVA to UVC, from UV LED technology to applications - the program is taking shape. The list of invited speakers is growing.

» List of ICULTA 2023 invited speakers & topics

Substrate in Prototyp Serie - Aluminiumnitrid für die Forschung und Entwicklung

IKZ News | 01.12.2022

Aluminiumnitrid ist ein vielversprechendes Material für moderne Anwendungen in der Mikro- und Optoelektronik. Voraussetzung für die Entwicklung von AlN-basierten Technologien ist die Verfügbarkeit von Substraten mit definierten und reproduzierbaren Eigenschaften – eine Lücke, die durch das IKZ geschlossen wird.

» Vollständige Meldung vom Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung

Arrays of ultraviolet micro-LEDs for production, sensing, and communication

FBH research | 21.11.2022

Red, green, and blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with diameters below 100 µm are already widely used, e.g., in display applications. Recently, researchers at the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) in Berlin have extended the wavelength range into the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. This opens up novel applications for these devices, such as in rapid prototyping, mask-free photo lithography, sensing, and non-line-of-sight communication.

» Research news from Ferdinand-Braun-Institut Berlin

3rd International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications – ICULTA 2023 | Call for Abstracts

Press Picture_ICULTA 2023_Call for Abstracts_copyright Advanced UV for Life e.V.
Experts present and discuss the latest trends and developments around UV LED technologies and applications

Advanced UV for Life e.V. and FBH Press Release | 20.10.2022

Following the great success and increasing demand from the UV LED community, the ICULTA conference series will continue next spring. The ‘International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications’ will be held as an in-person event in Berlin, Germany, from April 23rd to 26th, 2023. The organizers – the Advanced UV for Life Association and the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut Berlin – will once again bring together experts and pioneers from science and industry to network and discuss the latest trends, innovations and the wide range of applications of UV LEDs. The submission deadline for oral and poster presentation abstracts is November 30th, 2022.

» Complete press release from Advanced UV for Life e.V. and Ferdinand-Braun-Institut Berlin

UV experts from all over the world exchanged ideas - 3rd International UV WORKshop

LASER COMPONENTS Press Release | 11.10.2022

On October 5 and 6, around 45 representatives from industry and research met at LASER COMPONENTS in Olching near Munich for the 3rd International UV WORKshop. For two days, they exchanged information about the latest developments in the field of ultraviolet light. The second day of the event was dedicated entirely to the growth market of UV LEDs. Together with the industry association Advanced UV for Life e.V., LASER COMPONENTS had developed a programme around the short wavelength ranges UVC and Deep UV. UVC applications for disinfection and sterilisation are currently among the most important innovation drivers in the industry.

» Vollständige Pressemitteilung von LASER COMPONENTS

FBH to showcase advanced diode lasers and UV LEDs at Laser World of Photonics – from chips to prototypes

FBH press release | 31.03.2022

The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (FBH) will present its full range of capabilities at Laser World of Photonics in Munich from April 26-29, 2022 – from design and chips to modules and systems. At the Berlin-Brandenburg joint booth B5.528, the institute will be exhibiting, among other things, an irradiation system with optimized 233 nm far-UVC LEDs. Such systems are used in medical applications to inactivate multi-resistant pathogens and corona viruses directly on the skin.

»Complete Press release by Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, 31.03.2022

Nature paper published on bactericidal efficacy and skin tolerance of a UVC LED irradiation system

FBH News | 24.02.2022

The paper "Application of 233 nm far-UVC LEDs for eradication of MRSA and MSSA and risk assessment on skin models" published in 'Scientific Reports' (nature) describes the successful test of bactericidal efficacy and skin tolerance of a UVC LED irradiation system with an emission wavelength of 233 nm developed at FBH. At an irradiation dose of 40 mJ/cm2, the concentration of multi-resistant pathogens (including MRSA and MSSA) on the skin was reduced by five orders of magnitude.

»News by Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, 24.02.2022

»Publication: Application of 233 nm far-UVC LEDs for eradication of MRSA and MSSA and risk assessment on skin models,  Sci Rep 12, 2587 (2022).

Shorter Development Times for Applications with SiC UV Photodiodes

Laser Components Press Release | 08.02.2022

The JTIA1-1G transimpedance amplifier from ifw optronics amplifies the photocurrents generated by SiC UV photodiodes, which are only a few nanoamperes strong, and converts them into a usable voltage level. The user can select from three preconfigured resistance values via jumpers.

The component, which is available from LASER COMPONENTS, is particularly user friendly. Photodiodes in TO5 or TO18 housings can be connected directly to the board.

»Complete Press Release by Laser Components, 08.02.2022

More than drying: Infrared heat and UV technology improve coating quality and speed

Heraeus Noblelight News | 04.02.2022

Infrared heat dries, UV light cures - sounds simple. However, substrate, coating and production line often have very specific requirements for drying and curing. It's good when UV systems or infrared ovens can be precisely adapted. It's good when UV systems or infrared ovens can be precisely adapted. It is worth putting the dryers used up to now to the test, as the example of a British manufacturer of goal posts shows. With modern, precisely controllable infrared systems, drying can now be three to four times faster.

Heraeus Noblelight presents infrared and UV technology for future-proof coating solutions at the PaintExpo trade fair in Karlsruhe in April

»Complete News by Laser Components, 04.02.2022

Successfully Killing Airborne Viruses and Bacteria

Laser Components Press Release | 01.02.2022

UVC LEDs from the US manufacturer Bolb achieve a 99.95% kill rate for airborne viruses and bacteria. This has been confirmed by the Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology.

The tests were conducted, among other viruses and bacteria, on aerosolized multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). In a closed air-disinfection reference design, the researchers used a Bolb UVC LED light module with an electrical input power of 40 W and a UVC output power of 2.5 W. At a flow rate of up to 3,000 liters per minute, this air disinfection device achieved an inactivation rate of 99.95%

»Complete Press Release by Laser Components, 01.02.2022

Higher Level of Disinfection in Less Time

Laser Components Press Release | 11.01.2022

The UVC-LED S6060TL from Bolb is highly efficient in the disinfection of water, air, and surfaces. The narrow beam angle of only 33° guarantees a high intensity of UVC radiation. This allows a shorter irradiation time and thus also more efficiency in disinfection. 

»Complete Press Release by Laser Components, 11.01.2022

Paper on optimized 233 nm UV LEDs among APL's top publications

FBH News | 03.01.2022

The publication "Milliwatt power 233 nm AlGaN-based deep UV-LEDs on sapphire substrates" by Neysha Lobo Ploch et. al. is among Applied Physics Letters' (APL) top 10 trending articles. The paper by authors from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, TU Berlin and UVphotonics deals with the technological improvements of these UV LEDs along the complete process chain.

»News by Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, 03.01.2022

»Publication: Milliwatt power 233 nm AlGaN-based deep UV-LEDs on sapphire substrates, Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 111102 (2020)