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Berlin | 14.01.2022

The next talk in the online seminar series "Advances in III-Nitride Materials & Photonic Devices" will commence next Wednesday, January 19th, at 16:15 (CET): Rajan Siddarth from Ohio State University will speak about "III-Nitride Tunnel Junctions for Visible and UV LEDs".

This presentation will discuss recent developments in the application of interband quantum tunneling junctions for III-Nitride visible and ultraviolet optoelectronic devices. Despite the relatively large band gap of GaN and Al(Ga)N, recent work has shown that highly efficient tunnel junctions can be obtained over a large range of energy band gaps. We will first discuss our work on the modeling and design of homo-junction and hetero-junction tunnel junctions, and show how detailed transport and heterostructure modeling can enable us to understand fundamental limiting mechanisms for the electrical characteristics. We will then go over recent results on the integration of tunnel junction and visible LEDs using a continuous metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) process, leading to start-of-art low voltage across visible-transparent tunnel junctions, and the demonstration of tunnel junction-connected multiple active region visible LEDs with excellent electrical characteristics. The introduction of tunnel junctions in AlGaN ultraviolet (UV) LEDs can enable better hole injection, and flexibility to design structures that impart better light extraction efficiency. We will discuss the design of tunnel junctions using a combination of high polarization fields in InGaN/AlGaN heterostructures and compositionally graded AlGaN. Selected results on TJ UV LEDs that leading up to the demonstration of tunnel junction UV LEDs with emission wavelengths ranging from 320 nm to 260 nm will be discussed.

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Higher Level of Disinfection in Less Time

Laser Components Press Release | 11.01.2022

The UVC-LED S6060TL from Bolb is highly efficient in the disinfection of water, air, and surfaces. The narrow beam angle of only 33° guarantees a high intensity of UVC radiation. This allows a shorter irradiation time and thus also more efficiency in disinfection. 

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Paper on optimized 233 nm UV LEDs among APL's top publications

FBH News | 03.01.2022

The publication "Milliwatt power 233 nm AlGaN-based deep UV-LEDs on sapphire substrates" by Neysha Lobo Ploch et. al. is among Applied Physics Letters' (APL) top 10 trending articles. The paper by authors from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, TU Berlin and UVphotonics deals with the technological improvements of these UV LEDs along the complete process chain.

»News by Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, 03.01.2022

»Publication: Milliwatt power 233 nm AlGaN-based deep UV-LEDs on sapphire substrates, Appl. Phys. Lett. 117, 111102 (2020)