LC Week: Informative, Entertaining, Cross-technology Event - Four-day Online Event All about Photonics

LASER COMPONENTS Press release, 25.11.2021

With a diverse virtual event, LASER COMPONENTS provides insights into all technologies from its extensive product portfolio. At LC Week (December 6 - 9, 2021), specialists from the company as well as experts from research and industry will have their say.

Each day of LC Week will have a different technological focus: On Monday, December 6, the event will start with an update on the role of UV technology - especially in disinfection.

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Basis for improved UV LEDs – high-quality aluminum nitride by high-temperature annealing

FBH Research News, 22.11.2021

To constantly improve the performance of UV LEDs, the material that provides the basis for these devices must be continuously optimized. Commonly, crystalline substrates are used to manufacture UV LEDs. In this context, it is necessary to epitaxially grow an aluminum nitride (AlN) layer with a smooth surface as defect-free as possible on commercially available sapphire (Al2O3) substrates.

The combination of high-temperature annealing with epitaxial growth on a sapphire surface results in aluminum nitride base layers with very low defect density. This increases the light emission and extends the lifetime of UV LEDs.

»Research News of Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, 22.11.2021

Online seminar series "Advances in III-nitride Materials and Photonics Devices"

Berlin, 16.11.21

The Technische Universität Berlin, the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, and Chalmers University of Technology annouce a new online seminar series "Advances in III-nitride Materials and Photonics Devices". From November 2021 to May 2022, a monthly online seminar on the latest developments around UV semiconductor technologies will be held.

Please register for the seminar by contacting »Tim Wernicke.

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ams OSRAM’s high and low power UV-C LEDs can effectively inactivate SARS-CoV-2

ams OSRAM Press release, 04.11.2021

ams OSRAM (SIX: AMS), a global leader in optical solutions, together with the University of Padua, presents test results on the effectiveness of ams OSRAM UV-C LEDs against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The corona pandemic continues to dominate daily life in many regions of the world. In addition to the various measures taken to contain the pandemic, disinfection solutions based on UV-C light are becoming increasingly popular. Previously used mercury vapor lamps are often bulky and limited in their target wavelength. Significant advances in LED technology are now opening the door to new applications. The fact that they are already a useful aid in combating the pandemic has now been confirmed by research conducted by the University of Padua on the effectiveness of UV-C LEDs from ams OSRAM.

  • UV-C LEDs such as the Oslon UV 3636 from ams OSRAM inactivate up to 99.99 percent of viruses at a dose of 3,6 mJ/cm²
  • Even at very low intensities SARS-CoV-2 virus can be inactivated effectively which allows more efficient system designs for e.g. air disinfection systems
  • The UV-C radiation damages the nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) within the virus and therefore not only works for SARS-CoV-2, but independently from the variant

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High-precision UV-LED controller developed by eesy-ic

eesy-ic Products, November 2021

The step-down LED controller is a high-precision universal LED control chip. Due to its LED current sensing architecture, either a single or a chain of LEDs can be controlled. For the operating point of the LEDs, either the LED current, the LED light intensity or the ambient temperature can be used as measurement variables of the control loop.

At the embedded world 2022 trade fair, to be held from March 15-17, eesy-ic will highlight its “high Precision Constant Current Integrated DC-DC Converter for Highly Accurate UV-LED Controlling“.

»Product page eyIC4UV-01

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FBH presents new diode laser and UV LED developments at the Photonics Days

FBH Press Release, 27.09.2021

From October 4 - 7, 2021, the Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg will be held in hybrid format. The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Leibniz-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (FBH) will participate with talks and in the two-day exhibition on October 6-7 in Berlin-Adlershof.

The four-day conference brings together experts from photonics, optics, microsystems technology, and quantum technology. Scientists from the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut present latest results on high-power diode lasers, UV LEDs including the corresponding irradiation systems for medical applications, and quantum technologies.

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Zapping Germs with LEDs

Physics 14, 120, August 31, 2021

Michael Kneissl, a semiconductor physicist at the Technical University of Berlin and partner of the Advanced UV for Life consortium, develops ultraviolet-light-emitting diodes that can neutralize bacteria and viruses in drinking water and on surfaces. Physics spoke to Kneissl about his work and about the advantages that LEDs have over other disinfecting methods in the war against germs.

»Complete interview on the Physics website

COVID-19, a perfect use-case for UV lighting technologies – An interview with ams OSRAM, PISEO and Yole Développement

i-Micronews, August 11, 2021

The current health crisis, with COVID-19 pandemic is causing an extreme high demand for disinfection solutions. Among these, devices using UV-C radiation are experiencing renewed interest. There is a lot of communication on this subject, from press releases developed by industrial companies to articles in media.

Our partner ams OSRAM, together with PISEO and Yole, had the opportunity to share their vision on the latest UV developments and market evolution.

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Skin tolerant inactivation of multiresistant pathogens using far-UVC LEDs

Berlin, 22.07.2021

On July 19, 2021, a study from the consortium entitled "Skin tolerant inactivation of multiresistant pathogens using far UVC LEDs" was published in the journal "Scientific Reports", one of the most renowned scientific journals. The publication shows the results of the cooperation between Ferdinand-Braun-Institut gGmbH, Charité Berlin, Universitätsmedizin Greifswald and Technische Universität Berlin. The results are of great importance especially in times of ongoing and possible future pandemics. This publication demonstrates the high level of the consortium's work on UV LEDs and their application in medicine and disinfection.

» You can find the publication in the current issue of Scientific Reports 11, Article number: 14647 (2021)

Fast lane for your development – Adjustable current source for LEDs with control terminal

OSA Opto Light News, 2021-06-04

Developing a high power SMD-LED application can be costly and time consuming. To accelerate this process, OSA Opto Light developed the OEM-080 single channel LED source. It combines a lot of useful options for the researcher or product designer. As a supplier of a wide spectrum of high power SMD-LEDs OSA Opto Light offers pre mounted LEDs on star for UVA (e.g. 400, 380 and 365 nm), UVB (325, 310 nm) and UVC (280, 270 nm ) applications.

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UV-LED lamp with integrated digital control

CiS news, 18.05.2021

On Thursday, May 20, 2021, the BMBF-funded consortium "Advanced UV for Life" offers an online thematic workshop on "UV LEDs - Technology, Applications and Perspectives".

Prof. Thomas Ortlepp reports in his lecture "UV-LED lamps with integrated digital control" on current project results from the joint sub-project with eesy-ic GmbH and OSA Opto Light GmbH of the joint project IC4UV. The aim of the sub-project is to control the light intensity of UV LEDs with low current ripple for maximum light output, optimum illumination and optimum cooling for long service life.

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Becoming a flagship of the UV LED community – ICULTA 2021

Advanced UV for Life and IUVA Press Release: Berlin, April 29, 2021

For the second time, ICULTA – the 'International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications’ – presented a forum for the UV LED community to exchange ideas and results on cutting-edge topics. The program of last week’s virtual event covered the most recent and novel developments in UV LED manufacturing, including applications in health care, environment and life sciences, curing, and metrology. A running theme in many of the sessions was the role of UV and UV LEDs to address Covid-19, in particular the disinfection of air and surfaces. Overall, the conference served to bring together the world’s foremost LED makers, users, and researchers in an environment that fostered an excellent and productive sharing of information.

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Improved reliability – FBH presents advances in UV LEDs towards application at ICULTA conference

FBH Press Release, 29.03.2021

The Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) presents current research results at the virtual ICULTA 2021. In particular, the reliability of UVB and UVC LEDs has been significantly improved – an important step towards their commercial use. FBH will also show irradiation systems that are already being tested in medical applications, for example, to combat multi-resistant pathogens on the skin.

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», 29.03.2021

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Meeting the UV LED Community: ICULTA 2021 – The International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications

Advanced UV for Life and IUVA Press Release: Berlin, March 25, 2021

ICULTA 2021 is getting closer – the forum for state-of-the art know-how and innovations in UV LED technologies and their multiple applications. From April 19 to 20, 2021, experts from all over the world will present and discuss latest results in UV LED development, irradiation systems based on UV LEDs as well as their use in industry and research. The conference and accompanying exhibition will be held online.

»Full Press Release, March 27, 2021

», 29.03.2021

», 25.04.2021

Improved reliability of UVC LEDs and better understanding of degradation processes

FBH research, 15.03.2021

FBH and its partner TU Berlin have succeeded in significantly increasing the lifetime of its UVC LEDs to beyond 10,000 h by using AlN base layers of high crystalline quality. Crucial for this improvement is a reduction of the threading dislocation densities in the active region.

»Research News of Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, 15.03.2021

Killing microorganism with ultra-shortwave UV light

Health Europa Quarterly, 08.03.2021

A novel LED irradiation system developed by the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut aims to kill microorganisms with ultra-shortwave UV light – without side effects. Dr Sven Einfeldt talks to HEQ about its potential implications.

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Osram invests in UV LED specialist Bolb Inc.

OSRAM OS Press Release, 18.02.2021

With its investment in the California-based UV-C LED specialist Bolb Inc., Osram is further expanding its technological know-how of disinfection applications with UV-C light. The future cooperation between the two companies in the field of research will accelerate the industrialization of highly efficient and high-performance UV-C LEDs.

»Full Press Release of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, 18.02.2021

UV-LED Technologies from Fraunhofer IOSB AST

Fraunhofer IOSB AST, 11.02.2021

On the new UV-LED website of the Advanced System Technologies branch AST of Fraunhofer IOSB you will find the entire service portfolio of the institute: From UV-LED surface disinfection to UV-LED air disinfection and UV-LED water disinfection.

»UV-LED Technologies Website of Fraunhofer IOSB AST

Intelligent robots for targeted combating of viruses and bacteria

Fraunhofer IOSB, 11.02.2021

Service robots can help ensure that buildings and means of transport are cleaned and disinfected regularly and with consistently high quality. Since October 2020, twelve institutions of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have been working on the development of new technologies for this field of application. Fraunhofer IOSB's Applied Systems Technology branch is developing a new type of UV-C LED surface emitter that can be used to disinfect specific areas such as door handles or elevator buttons.

»Full Press Release, 11.02.2021

»Project Website ‘MobDi – Mobile Disinfection’

Virtual International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications – ICULTA 2021 features cutting-edge topics

Advanced UV for Life and IUVA Press Release: Berlin, January 27, 2021

Current global developments have increased attention to topics like disinfection and sterilization in medical environments with UV radiation, especially in the context of COVID-19 and UVC LEDs. ICULTA will discuss progress and innovations in the development of UV LEDs and their broad spectrum of applications. Three years after the first successful ICULTA conference, the follow-up event will be held from April 19 to 20, 2021. Talks by internationally recognized speakers have already been confirmed. To participate with oral or poster/slide presentations, a one-page abstract should be submitted by February 15, 2021.

»Full Press Release, January 27, 2021

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»PresseBox, 27.01.2021

»TZW - Technologiezentrum Wasser

Ultraviolet Light. UV LEDs from OSRAM OS.

OSRAM OS Product Launch, 12.01.2021

After years of R&D and various research projects with leading partners in the industry and the scientific world, OSRAM OS introduces its first LED UV-C products in the low and mid power range.

The OSLON® UV series is designed to provide efficient UV-C radiation for but not limited to medical, home goods and consumer applications. It allows for flexible designs for various types of UV-C applications in the areas of air, water and surface disinfection and purification, as well as treatment or sensing. Design possibilities are endless, and range from point-of-use water treatment, automotive interior disinfection to air purification in portal devices or air conditioning systems.

The OSLON® UV 3636 series combines variable power output with a common footprint, high WPE (Wall Plug Efficiency) and lifetime in a robust design.

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ICULTA 2021 is going virtual

ICULTA Update, 05.01.2021

The ‘International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications – ICULTA’ is going virtual in 2021! Save the date for the online conference, April 19-20, 2021. In the proven manner, ICULTA will provide the opportunity for exchange and discussion of latest achievements in UV LEDs and their multiple applications including the area of COVID-19 pandemic.

»Up-to-date information at ICULTA Website