R&D Projects

On the following pages you will find further information about approved projects related to the specific topics of Advanced UV for Life.

Semiconductor Technologies & Devices


»Upgrading the process chain for UV LEDs 01.09.14-29.02.16
»Highly efficient UVC LEDs 01.01.15-31.12.16
»UVB LEDs with high yield, efficiency and power – "UVB effizient” 01.11.14-31.12.16
»AlN substrates 01.08.15-31.12.17
»UV, vis and NIR reflectometry for in situ monitoring of UV LED epitaxy 01.01.16-30.06.18
»Miniaturized spectrometer and camera modules for the UV spectral range 01.02.16-31.12.18
»Reliability of UV-LEDs 01.07.16-31.12.19
»UV Power 01.02.17-31.01.20
»230 nm UV LEDs based on AlN substrates 01.09.18-31.08.21

Module & Metrology

»Development of traceable calibration chains for mobile UV reference radiometers 01.03.15-31.07.15
»Development of a production optimized integrated high-performance UV emitter 01.11.15-30.04.18
»Intelligent low power multi λ module 01.12.15-31.07.18
»UV LEDs mounted on multi-functional silicon submounts for wafer-level packaging 01.08.16-31.07.19
»Upgrading the micro mounting center for the development of custom-tailored UV LED modules 01.01.15-31.12.19
»Investigation of aging behavior and other optical parameters of UV components (emitters, transmitters and detectors) 01.04.16-31.12.19
»Integrated control circuit for high-performance UV emitter with integrated optics 01.04.18-30.11.20
»UV LEDs with optimized light extraction by adapted encapsulation technology 01.12.18-31.05.21


»Basic research concerning the use of UV LED based fluorescence and remission sensors in dermatology 01.05.15-31.01.17
»Dermatological narrow-band UVB phototherapy in combination with dosimetry 01.02.16-31.01.19
»Development and test of a miniaturized method for non-invasive determination of the sun protection factor of sun blockers for the human skin 01.03.17-29.02.20
»Measurement of redox status in blood and skin by EPR spectroscopy under UV stress 01.09.18-28.02.21
»Prevention of infection with multidrug-resistant pathogens via in vivo UVC irradiation 01.08.19-31.03.22

Environment & Life Sciences

»Stationary highly stable UV gas analysis 01.11.15-30.04.17
»Development of a method for extraction and integrated determination of nucleic acids 01.09.16-31.08.19
»Enhanced formation of secondary plant metabolites by irradiation with UVB LEDs for the production of natural functional food 01.07.16-31.12.19


»Stationary fluorescence-based germ detection on surfaces 01.03.16-28.02.18
»Basic research and development of a UVC LED water disinfection module 01.11.15-31.10.18
»Development of UVC LED based water disinfection technologies 01.03.17-29.02.20
»UVC LED radiation for decontamination of technical surfaces during food processing 01.10.18-31.03.21
»Application of UVA LEDs for triggered release of antiseptic from nanocarriers in hair follicles for long-lasting skin disinfection 01.09.18-31.08.21
»Air disinfection and purification in refrigerated trucks 01.11.18-31.10.21


»Systematic investigations of curing and optimization of resin fomulations by means of UV LED based modules and application of resins in different production fields 01.06.15-30.11.16
»UV LED curable composites for lightweight applications 01.08.16-31.07.19
»Innovative UV LED curable polymers for coating of glass fibers used in medicine and material processing 01.09.16-31.08.19
»Optimization and enhancement of digital UV LED based printing 01.11.16-31.10.19
»UV curing in printing and coating roll-to-roll processes and for the production of lightweight core materials 01.02.17-31.01.20

Strategy & Management

»UVstrategy - strategic analysis and advancement of the Advanced UV for Life Consortium 01.01.14-30.06.15
»Establishing an IdeaLab 01.01.15-30.11.16
»Harmonization of timing strategies of technologies, R&D and product development for the development and implementation of a sustainable strategy for a successful technology management 01.07.15-30.06.19
»Management of open innovation in complex joint projects 01.07.15-30.06.19
»Collaboration, communication and public relations of Advanced UV for Life 01.07.17-31.12.21