• Micro Assembly Center for the fully automated assembly of UV LEDs © CiS
  • Scalable water-cooled LED module with 20° reflector array © OSA Opto Light
  • LED lamp system with four LED module units for fiber glass enforced plastic curing © Haase Tank

Modules & Metrology

Water-cooled round UV LED module with 20° reflector array ©OSA Opto Light

The thematic field of Modules & Metrology brings together the two central topics of importance to the entire Consortium:

  • UV module and system development as the central interface between the technological development of UV LEDs and the actual applications and
  • UV metrology as an important cross-sectional competence for the calibrated characterization of UV LEDs and optical components and for the monitoring of UV radiation modules within the various applications

Based on the developed UV LEDs emitter and receiver modules and the technologies necessary for their assembly are developed. By optimizing the overall design in terms of improving heat management, it should be possible to increase the lifespan, stability and performance characteristics of UV LEDs. Approaches to new products should also be made possible through developments in the thematic field of Modules & Metrology.

Another important problem to be solved in this thematic field consists in being able to measure the absolute optical power of UV components and the properties of optical components, spectrally resolved using standardized, traceable procedures.

Research and development projects:

»Development of traceable calibration chains for mobile UV reference radiometers

»Upgrading of the micro-mounting centers for the development of custom-tailored UV LED modules

»Intelligent low power multi λ module

»Development of a production optimized integrated high-performance UV emitter

»UV LEDs mounted on multi-functional silicon submounts for wafer-level packaging

»Investigation of aging behavior and other optical parameters of UV components (emitters, transmitters and detectors)

»Integrated control circuit for high-performance UV emitter with integrated optics

»UV LEDs with optimized light extraction by adapted encapsulation technology