Natural UV radiation

The basis for the use of UV LEDs in the field Environment & Life Sciences is given through the new insights into the biology, physiology, and many other subareas from the recent years. Numerous regulating, controlling and signal-transmitting effects of natural UV radiation were detected. Perception of UV radiation by plant, animal and human beings, UV-mediated signaling, UV-mediated signaling effect and generally UV-induced effects in various biological systems are some of such aspects.

The human being can deliberately exploit a big part of it and even create appropriate technical solutions therefore. For more information switch to the page Environment & Life Sciences.

The following Articles give some information about various areas of natural UV radiation and possible applications.

"All you wanted to know about UV radiation and plants"- Alenka Gabersčik, Alan Jones and Marcel Jansen

 This presentation gives not only general information about UV radiation, but deals more specifically with their importance for plants. It is not only regarded how plants deal with the strong ultraviolet radiation, but also what benefits might ensue for humans.

"UV-B Induced Secondary Plant Metabolites" - Optik & Photonik, 12 May 2014, Volume 9, Issue 2

 This article deals with the induction of phytochemicals by UV-B radiation. The consumption of fruit and vegetables is far below the recommended amount. Therefore by means of UVB radiation the production of phytochemicals should be increased, to enhance the the consumption of health-promoting substances . The article provides information on the initial situation, challenges and future developments in this area.